Insurance companies offer a large number of life insurance products. All life insurance products are divided into:

  • individual Insurance and
  • group insurance

Also, life insurance products can be divided into:

    • life insurance with no investment component (whole, term, risk insurance ...) and
    • life insurance with investment / savings / component (mixed insurance)

      Products of mixed insurance are the most abundant and best-selling life insurance products. These products appear under various commercial names that do not reveal the essence of mixed insurance. Joint insurance products are divided into:

      • traditional and
      • universal (modern, dynamic etc.)

      The Montenegrin insurance market are offered exclusively (except for Atlas Life) traditional products with mixed insurance.

      Atlas Life is the first in Montenegro to provide products universal joint insurance. Universal products are, by definition, flexible, dynamic, open and profitable for the client in relation to tradiocionalnalne mixed insurance products in which the essential parameters of the insurance pre-fixed.

      Also, Atlas Life first in Montenegro offers employees group life insurance.

      Modern life has imposed the need for insurance against critical illness. Atlas Life in an acceptable way of life allows the purchase of these products.