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homeAs an insurance company specializing in life insurance Atlas life has developed a very modern approach to the changing needs of the emerging Montenegrin market. Atlas Life works within Atlas group and was established by domestic capital exclusively.

During its development and so far work Atlas Group has reached the reputation of credible and desirable partner in financial business by respecting the basic principle of its business policy. Through the organization of complementary services but also through Atlas Life Insurance, Atlas group provides NEW PERSPECTIVE.

We realize that planning finances through life insurance beforehand is very important for a family. Proper plan of Life Insurance is necessary today because in this way you provide financial security for tomorrow and minimize unexpected situations in life which may cause financial difficulties.Therefore Atlas Life offers a range of products allowing you the freedom of choice to create an insurance policy that will suit your particular needs. It is our aim to provide you with the financial security at an affordable price.

In regard to the insurance standards, Atlas life is re-insured with renowned  German house Hannover Re